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  • Consistency
  • Ethics
  • Sensitivity
Respect: a choice of daily life.

From the production of healthy and safe items to the decision to limit its impact on the environment, L’Italiana Aromi’s ‘green philosophy’ is much more than a marketing strategy.


L’Italiana Aromi has always been guided by ethics and sensitivity towards people and environment.
In this spirit, we choose to invest in the purchase of high quality raw material, not accepting products of dubious origin nor coming from suppliers who are alleged to adopt illegal work practices.

We choose to believe in the value of women and men, of any culture, religion or ethnic group, who represent, for L’Italiana Aromi, an essential element of stimulus, proactivity and development.
We choose to sustain the environment with an efficient and integrated energy system which contributes significantly to our own energy requirements.

In 2006 we chose to enlarge the factory according to a sustainable development model.

Six years of work and investments have made it possible to create a functional and dynamic, integrated, flexible system that brings us up to European standards for energy saving.

Photovoltaic, geothermal, co-generation systems and architectural, environmental and energy requalification. Now we know that green is much more than a marketing strategy.Laura Tirelli

And, last but not least, we choose to play our role in contributing to offer the consumers food which is healthy, safe and of organoleptic excellence.

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