The pharmaceutical laboratory “Preparati Farmaceutici Chiassesi” was founded in 1890 by Bernardo Tirelli in Ponte Chiasso. His passion and his knowledge of herbs and roots, that have been handed down from father to son, brought him a few years later to turn his business into an industrial activity specializing in the production of extracts and essences for spirits, bitters, syrups and soft drinks.

Since then a number of significant steps, one following the other, have lead to important changes, showing the company’s ability to keep abreast of the times. Throughout more than a century, L’Italiana Aromi went through two world wars and the subsequent economic boom that resulted in a real consumption revolution. It is then that the historical company combined its expertise and tradition to technological development in order to be able to supply the expanding food industry with very high quality flavourings.

Over the years, the Tirelli family’s insight and competence gained them a primary role in the food flavouring industry. L’Italiana Aromi is still one of Europe’s leading companies. Bernardo’s grandchildren have opted for the same values as their predecessors in order to produce food flavourings that respect taste, consumers and the environment.

  • 1890
    The origins
    Preparati Farmaceutici Chiassesi Ponte Chiasso

  • 1920
    Liquorificio Lombardo
    Affori (MI)

  • 1927
    L’Aromatica and Distilleria Fratelli Tirelli
    Sesto San Giovanni

  • 1947
    L’Aromatica Lombarda and Distilleria Esperia
    Sesto San Giovanni

  • 1960
    L’Aromatica Calabro-Lombarda a subsidiary, is born
    Polistena (RC)

  • 1969
    L’Italiana Aromi is born
    Sesto San Giovanni

  • 1995
    L’Italiana Aromi in Carate Brianza
    The modern factory is built

  • 2010
    Beverage, Savoury, Health and Nutrition, Sweet Applications
    4 departments

  • 2012
    Expansion of the headquarters

  • 2015
    20 years in Carate Brianza

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