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L'Italiana Aromi
Flavours, flavoured fruit compounds and extracts for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

L'Italiana Aromi specializes in the production of a large range of flavourings, extracts and distillates for the food industry.

A “must” of L’Italiana Aromi’s policy is product quality and continuous innovation. As a matter of fact, the production has been diversified for a few years now. As well as the solid beverage, confectionery, bakery and dairy sectors, the new savoury and nutraceutical segments have now been added. For the Sweet Application sector L’Italiana Aromi produces fruit flavourings, creamy and mellow flavourings such as hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, cappuccino, cream and toffee, butter flavours, spray-dried fruit juices, flavoured fruit juice blends, coffee, cocoa, liquorice, vanilla extracts and functional extracts.

The production department is equipped with distillers, extractors and with vacuum deterpenation plants and concentrators working at low temperature and therefore able to preserve heat–sensitive products. Two spray-dryers for powder products with a total 1,500-kg daily output. A PLC managed blending station for fruit-based, flavoured mixes and compounds with a daily production of over 50 tons and a complete unit dedicated to the production of brewed tea infusions.

Other important production equipment are two sophisticated robot plants, located in the production unit and in the application laboratory. They operate 24 h a day weighing the recipes prepared by the flavourists. Both are managed by a software connected with the company ERP system, so absolute secrecy of the formulation is guaranteed. The bigger robot is used for the automated production of concentrated flavourings that translates into always fresh and high quality products. The smaller one is used for the weighing of new flavour recipes thus allowing the flavourists to dedicate themselves entirely to the development work.

L'Italiana Aromi

From the mouth to the heart.
Sweet applications.

Bakery, Dairy and Confectionery: we respond to those expanding markets with balanced, tasty flavours and flavoured fruit juice blends also enriched with functional extracts. For our Sweet Applications we use only selected raw materials and last-generation techniques to guarantee a natural, pleasing and satisfying taste.

The products realized for the Bakery, Dairy and Confectionery applications are ideal for baked products, fillings, snacks, desserts, yoghurt, ice-creams, toppings, candies, chocolate and instant products.

Our Sweet Applications products:

- Fruit flavourings
- Creamy and mellow flavourings such as hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, cappuccino, cream and toffee
- Butter flavours
- Spray-dried fruit juices
- Flavoured fruit juice blends
- Extracts such as coffee, cocoa, liquorice, herbs and roots, vanilla, etc
- Functional extracts

Flavouring applications.
Sweet applications.
The food industry is an ever developing sector. Consumer tastes and dietary needs are rapidly changing. We at L’Italiana Aromi respond with selected raw materials, intensive research and development and last generation techniques.
Flavours play an important role in everyday life. Your customers know it. And so do we.
Since 1890 we have been creating flavours, extracts and distillates for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our flavourists’ job is to create authentic flavours for your products. Therefore we work with you, combining nature and science, looking for new and challenging recipes.

Our history is tradition and knowledge that, from father to son, have been handed down for over a century never fastening us to the past. For this reason we have chosen to approach the needs of the present with a constant technological updating, the enlargement of our laboratories, the increase of our production capacity. We have chosen to be ecofriendly to “light up” our factory and to contribute to a future clean environment.
Over the past decade the company IT system has been designed and constantly upgraded in order to maintain very high safety, quality and reliability standards.

To offer you only the best, we have chosen to use only the highest quality raw materials produced by selected and specialized suppliers from all over the world. We can give you a constant service during all phases of your creativity: from the sampling in the R&D phase, to the production of particular products dedicated to niche markets, or the large-scale production destined to supermarket chains.

  • 4 Departments

    Beverage | Health and Nutrition | Savoury |
    Sweet Applications

  • 32.000

    Total factory area

  • 4th Generation

    At the helm

  • 5 Production sites


  • 1.700

    Area dedicated to Laboratories

  • 2.412 Photovoltaic panels

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Since 1890, we have been working with determination, competence, respect, technology and experience. Throughout this time, we have chosen to be crystal clear, to invest in research, to upgrade technologically.

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